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Christian Wilson


I am a rising Sophomore at Morehouse College (MC) with an undecided major.  Originally I intended to study Computer Science (CS); but luckily I was able to figure out soon enough, after the countless hours of coding, that CS was not the career path I envisioned for myself. I finished my second semester with a 3.0+ GPA. I now plan to continue this positive track into my further years at MC.

Thanks to the MKE Fellows Program I was able to attain an internship the summer of 2016. The stress of interning was weighing upon me as I did not want my summer to go to waste and not have any beneficial actions to expand upon my skill-set and network over the summer. Luckily I was able to land a Resource Development Internship with United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County (UW). Here I was able to learn so much about how non-profit organizations work and their importance to the community. My role as an intern at UW consisted of transcribing documents/interviews, maintaining a database, supporting donor stewardship, researching donor stewardship, setting up for events, attending site visits (which were my favorite), and helping as needed. I am truly thankful to the MKE Fellows Program and UW for hosting me this summer and giving me this opportunity that so few are able to acquire.



Christian J. Wilson

Phoenix Ventress

My name is Phoenix Ventress and I just finished my sophomore year at Wake Forest. This year for me was exciting and very eventful. Along with many other things I spent the year playing with the club basketball team and traveling with my friends to other schools in the surrounding area. I also decided that I would be a computer science major and became the treasurer for our Black Student Alliance. I ended the year out strong with a 3.3 GPA.


This summer I am interning with Boys & Girls Clubs. I work as a HR intern at the Mardak office. This position entails helping run the “Summer Clubbin'” experience, which works to bring people from the Mardak office out to some of the trips that club managers and their kids take throughout the summer. So far it is going very well. In my time here I have learned a lot about Human Resources and what they do. I also was exposed to a lot of departments of the Boys & Girls Clubs that I was not aware of previously. This showed me that you are able to use your skills and what you are good at in a multitude of ways to help others that you may not be aware of. In the rest of my time here I hope to learn more of the ins and outs of the Boys & Girls Clubs along with professional tips that I can utilize in my future endeavors.

Alex Erdmann

Alex L. Erdmann is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently enrolled in a Master’s of Divinity program while matriculating at the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary, which is an affiliate and constituent seminary of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. He has previously earned his Bachelors of Business Administration degree at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Currently as a seminarian at the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary and the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in what Alex profoundly calls “the educational mecca” in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, he is enjoying the experience and is truly a well-respected stellar student on the campus. His afforded leadership opportunities include but are not limited to Seminary’s Fellowship Executive Secretary, ITC Student Christian League Council Chaplain, and the Seminary’s Executive Hospitality Liaison personnel. He has also helped host a Cancer Screening and Medical Awareness Day, Social Justice Events, and Worship Services at the Seminary.

This summer Alex is interning at the Holy Redeemer Church and Educational Complex where he is working closely with Pastor and Establishmentarian, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. Throughout the duration of the internship he will learn and is learning what it takes for a multifaceted auxiliary church and ministry to function. He is specifically serving as the Children’s Pastor and working diligently within the Children’s Ministry while creating curriculums and educational and exciting opportunities to minister to the children parishioners. In addition to that he is serving and assisting as a liaison to senior parishioners who are homebound.

Alex’s future aspirations and goals include one day owning and operating his own multifaceted business conglomerate. In addition while acknowledging his calling into the ministry and as a Man of Faith, he endeavors to continue to pursue opportunities that will help him to become more equipped and positioned to help people and share his faith with others as a cleric and in any other God-given and afforded ecclesiastical capacities. His personal desire remains to help others while making a positive impact in the world.

Jason Boothe Jr.

My name is Jason Boothe Jr. In 2015, I graduated from Dominican High School with a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0. I recently finished my freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley with a cumulative grade point average of a 2.8. I am currently studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I play basketball on the collegiate level and also plan on a professional career in that as well. This summer I am interning at Aurora Health Care in the Employee Health department and in the future I plan on becoming a Sports Representative for professional athletes.


While at Aurora, I hope to learn more about being a professional, and appreciate the opportunity to learn hands-on skills in the workplace. Becoming more professional will help me in the long term with my career choice and also will help me become more confident in myself. I also look forward to learning and picking up a few tools that will help me in the future with my career aspirations. So far, Aurora has been great for me and I hope to continue this successful run.

Hikeem Williams-Davis

My name is Hikeem Williams-Davis and I am a sophomore going into my junior year at Marquette University. My main reason for staying in Milwaukee was the reputation Marquette has for being such a prestigious university, specifically their resources to help students go into professional programs after undergraduate such as medical school. I am majoring in biology with an emphasis in pre-med. I have known for a long time that I wanted to be a physician. As a Marquette student, I am very invested in helping other students like me, of color, navigate through campus as sometimes we can feel like a “pepper in a sea of salt.” I continue to become involved in campus organizations, which values the same things that I do. My main priority at Marquette is to make the most of my education and excel as a black student at a predominately white institution.


This summer, I am interning at Aurora St. Luke’s. I am grateful to be there because I am surrounded by so many health professionals that I am able to observe and learn from. I work in the 9T Cardiac Surgical department. Most of the patients have heart complications and need various transplants or surgeries to help them live better. I am excited to be a part of Aurora, which is a phenomenal health care system. This experience definitely will be a great one as I am working in a role that not only can I help the caregivers on the floor, but I also can take valuable lessons with me past the summer internship and develop as a young professional in my career.

MKE Fellows program provides mentors, college scholarships for black men

Published on: June 29th, 2016

Published Originally by: Amelia Jones


A record 45 African-American college students have been named MKE Fellows by the Greater Milwaukee Committee for the next academic year. The program provides scholarships and mentorship for the young men, who have demonstrated academic talent.

“No other program like this exists in the country,” said John Daniels Jr., chair of the Greater Milwaukee Committee and founder of the MKE Fellows program. “Milwaukee is setting the pace.”

MKE Fellows board member Blaine Gibson said Milwaukee suffers from a “brain drain,” with a lot of talented people leaving the city. “The idea is to show the students it is possible to live their dreams here in their hometown,” added Gibson, vice president at Robert W. Baird & Co.

The first group of six MKE Fellows to complete college graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta in May. The program launched in 2011.

The Greater Milwaukee Committee expanded the program last summer to offer the fellows paid summer internship opportunities to help them pursue a career in the city.

A dozen workplaces provide internships to the 45 fellows. They include Harley-Davidson, Inc., Johnson Controls Inc., Milwaukee Bucks and Quarles & Brady. Daniels said he hopes to recruit 25 workplaces to offer internships next summer.

MKE Fellows also attend professional development workshops and informational sessions hosted by a variety of businesses. The program is planning to add a community service component next year, Daniels noted.


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Jonathan Morris

I am Jonathan Morris and I am currently going into my sophomore year at St. John’s University pursuing a degree in Business. My first year was a great year for gaining experience in the real world. Being born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, my transition to New York City taught me responsibility and integrity more than anything else.  I didn’t have my mom to hold my hand along the way, in fact, I didn’t have any family or old friends with me at all.  If I chose to slack off, there was no one to put me in check except myself.  I think that lesson and those experiences that I had helped prepare me for the current internship that I’m in now. I am interning at Aurora Health Care and hope to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can to better prepare me for what the future holds. I am forever grateful to be a part of the MKE Fellows program, it is truly a blessing.

Trenton Daniels

My name is Trenton Daniels, and I will be a junior at Oklahoma State University, where I aspire to receive my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for graphic design with a minor in entrepreneurship. My freshman year, I attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, but due to a change in interest, I transferred to Oklahoma State. There. Becoming an OSU Cowboy has given me several opportunities including, track & field team, Graphic Design Club there, and also a prominent member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, or S.A.A.C. for short. Both of the previously mentioned groups keep me involved with the local community there through service projects while helping me to continue to build networks.

I am a proud Milwaukee Fellow. In the program I am able to obtain a network and connections that some people dream of obtaining. I am currently interning at the Milwaukee Public Schools recreational department, where I have the opportunity to oversee many of the advertisements and general graphics, from the design process to the production aspect. Being an intern here has taught me the value of community and the effort that people are putting forth to unite the people of Milwaukee.

Six Wisconsin Men from the MKE Fellows Program Graduate from Morehouse College

From Milwaukee Courier

By Karen Stokes

On May 15, as a brisk wind blew with threats of rain, specks of sunlight peeked through the chill.

The weather, unusual for a spring Atlanta morning, didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of family, friends and faculty witnessing the compilation of struggle, hard work, late nights, disappointments and triumphs which culminated into the 132nd Commencement of Morehouse College Class of 2016.

Included in this prestigious event were five Milwaukee area students and one from Madison who in 2012 were the first group to receive scholarships as part of the MKE Fellows program.


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Urban League’s Black and White Ball

The MKE Fellows were able to be apart of the Black and White Ball on June 11th, 2016. The ball was a great networking event with Mayor Tom Barrett, CEO Ralph Hollmon, and other corporate leaders.




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